LiveChess 1 was already great but LiveChess 2 will be completely new offering many great new features and possibilities both for tournament use and home use.

Recording and live broadcasting of chess games really never has been so easy.

LiveChess 2:

  • Simplified and intuitive user interface
  • Optimized stability and reliability
  • Publish games to any device in real-time: PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Broadcast your live games in a local network and to the internet
  • Built for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Supports Chess960
  • Optimized for Blitz and Rapid including real-time clock times
  • Exchange games in PGN and e-PGN (e-PGN includes additional real-time information such as clock times)
  • Increased arbiter assistance from persistent chronological record including timed record of all e-Board actions and clock actions
  • Suitable for all DGT e-Boards (USB, Bluetooth, Serial, Caïssa System)
  • Suitable for tournaments and home-use (Rabbit e-Board drivers and updated Queen software incorporated)
  • Download and use free of charge