DGT North American

DGT Chess Clock demo and how-to video. This video introduces the DGT North American available at Wholesale Chess! We'll show you the basics of operating your DGT Chess Clock in this short 7 minute Wholesale Chess Video.

The Easy Plus

This movie shows how to set Delay or Bonus mode on a DGT Easy+. Also how to change the Bonus or Delay time

DGT Cube

Demonstration of the settings of a DGT Cube. Some sides have a different initial time in this example.

The 3000

Become familiar with how to set and understand the clock in a matter of minutes. Unboxing, battery install, and settings, including three different presets with delay function.


A DGT XL with transitions to the next period after a number of moves without bonus or delay. This example shows how to programm 40 moves in 90 min followed by 30 moves in 30 minutes without bonus or delay

Set Your XL for Scrabble

How to transform your DGT XL chess clock to a basic scrabble clock.