DGT Cube™


The new and revolutionary DGT CUBE ™ is the world’s first multi-display game timer for up to six players.

The DGT CUBE ™ automatically starts a player’s clock after his color is turned to the top. The DGT CUBE ™ offers different timing systems (time per move or time per game) suited to add a thrill to any game, or to guarantee a fair and equal distribution of thinking time or allocate a time handicap to balance playing skills.

The DGT CUBE ™ creates new dynamics in traditional games. Experience the DGT CUBE ™ and add new excitement to your favorite games!! The DGT CUBE ™ is a smart digital timing device that creates new dynamics in any game up to 6 players.

  • There are five basic timing systems available with the DGT CUBE ™.
  • Within a chosen timing system, different times can be allocated to different players.
  • At the end of a player’s turn, the CUBE is passed on to the next player by turning the color of the next player to the top. This stops the time of the last player and auto-starts the timing of the new player.
  • During the game, timing can be stopped and restarted by using the pause button. Use this for example to solve a dispute by consulting the dictionary in Scrabble® or to fight a battle in RISK™.
  • The optional buzzer makes it easy to notice the approaching time limits.
  • For details on how to use the DGT CUBE ™ go to the manual.

The DGT CUBE ™ Timing Systems 

System 1: Move Timer
Each player gets a fixed amount of time for each turn. The time per turn can be set to anything between 1 second and 10 minutes and is reset after a turn is completed i.e. the players receive the same amount of time again for the next turn.

System 2: Move Timer + Save
If a player does not use all of the allocated time during his turn, the unused time is saved and added to the time available for the next turn. For example if a player has one minute for his or her move and completes the turn after thirty seconds, the remaining thirty seconds are automatically added as a bonus to the next turn and the player will have one minute and thirty seconds for the next turn.

System 3: Count Down Game Timer
A total time for the complete game is allocated to each player. The clock automatically starts and continues the count-down each time the player’s color is turned to the top. If the time limit is reached i.e. the remaining time reaches zero, the clock continues in the count-up mode.

System 4: Count Up Game Timer
By setting the CUBE to 0 hours and 00 minutes in the Game Timer Mode, the CUBE registers the total time used by a player for each turn and adds this time to the player’s running total. The clock automatically starts and continues the count-up each time the player’s color is turned to the top.

System 5: Turn Counter
By setting the CUBE to 0 minutes and 00 seconds in the Move Timer Mode, the CUBE counts the number of moves for each player. Each time the player’s color is turned to the top the counter adds one turn, for example signifying one extra point scored by the player.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 68 x 68 x 68 mm
  • Net weight appr. 175 grams
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 sec / h
  • Battery Included: 2x LR44, 1,5V
  • Battery life > 1 Year