Chess Sets

Every DGT e-Board comes with your choice of one of five sets. 
All e-Board chess sets come with a 3.75” King and two Queens.
Sets are usable with the serial, USB, BlueTooth, and Revelation II chess boards.

Weighted sets are available in the FIDE, Ebony, Classic, Royal and Timeless sets.

e-Pieces Ebony.jpg


The DGT Ebony Set has the most exclusive and luxurious chess pieces for DGT e-Boards, with the black pieces made from real ebony.

Classic Pieces

The DGT Classic Set is an ebonized Staunton set with a robust knight..

e-Pieces Classic.jpg

e-Pieces Royal.jpg

ROYAL pieces

The DGT Royal chess pieces are made from the finest rosewood and have an elaborately cut knight.


The DGT Timeless Set is our most popular set, in a classic Staunton design.

The Timeless pieces are very often used in combination with the Walnut e-Board.

Many chess world championships and almost all major chess tournaments use this combination.

e-Pieces Venus.jpg


The DGT Venus chess pieces are a modern design option for those chess players who prefer a 21st century look.